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Asian Ceremony Sign Meanings

Read the big picture eastern weddings are replete with customs and metaphor. This article will help you understand the interred significance behind some of the most common Asian wedding symbols, whether you’re planning an Eastern- themed wedding or just interested about the culture.

The Chinese dual joy sign is one of the most common symbols used in Eastern wedding ceremonies. The mark combines two normal heroes for delight and is often seen on banner, board centerpieces and even printed on wedding invitations and red packets The protagonist symbolizes good luck, enjoy and wealth for the happy couple.

Another common symbol at Eastern weddings is the lion and nova. The dragon symbolizes masculinity and wealth while the falcon represents sexuality and toughness. The piece are even a symbol of harmony, like yin and yang. The dragon and phoenix are frequently embroidered on the bride and groom’s Qi Pao, or traditional bridal garments.

Other typical Asiatic wedding symbols include baobab fruits, peanuts and longans. These fruits are often incorporated into the child’s drink ceremony because they represent wellbeing, longevity and plethora. The syllable for jujube in Chinese appears similar to the word Sheng Sheng, which means “early”. Adding jujube grapes to the festival is a way to hope the brides an first son.

In addition to these standard symbols, many people are choosing to incorporate their own personal details into their ceremony. For example, some newlyweds are choosing to use yellow for the Haldi service, which is believed to purify the body and mind. Irrespective of your chosen beliefs, it’s important to consider that the most critical part of your day is you and your partner.

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