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We help to develop a process to increase profits, paying clients and return on investment for your business marketing efforts. Starting from the ground up, we help to develop your business awareness to boost your business into profit mode!

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What we do

Growing Your Business one small (giant) step at a time.

Generate Leads

We deliver industry-leading leads for your business, and only for YOUR business.

Lead Generation

Develop a Brand

Your business is a living breathing online and in person creature, why not leverage that online to increase your business reputation and brand.

Business Reputation

Launch a Campaign

Your customers are out there, now how do you get them to buy from you instead of your competition? We help define and deliver them to you using online advertising.

Digital Marketing

Don't just take our word for it

Our clients love us so much, they cannot wait to tell their customers, friends or others in a variety of businesses.

"Working with Loveland Digital was a joy and allowed me the freedom to choose many of the options available. They were always helping me understand and have input into my business website. I am seeing more traffic than I ever did before."


Curtis Lackey, Real Estate Agent/Broker - Curt Lackey Homes

Business Growth Process

1. Learn

We need to understand your business and YOU the owner. Why? Well, we can only be effective if the business can handle the leads we send them. Otherwise what we do will actually harm your business reputation. We need to know that you are ready to handle the increase in business and have a process in place to deliver to your customers.

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2. Plan

After we have learned about your business and understand enough to plan out a process to increase your business, it will take anywhere from days to 6 months to deliver results for your business. Each business is different and we cannot expect every single business to increase overnight, however, we have seen that happen before. 

3. Execute

Once we finish the planning stage we execute, 007 style, the plan to boost your business and over deliver for you. Just be ready when the leads start funnelling into your business. It might be overwhelming and it has overwhelmed some of our clients before. Being prepared is important and that is all part of our process. 

Our results speak for themselves

See what we were able to do for one of our favorite clients.

"We were a disaster before Loveland Digital came to the rescue. Michael provides quality website design with some of the best customer service I have ever encountered. He had our website up and running within a week or so of taking over the project. The site is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. We receive great feedback from our parishioners and outside users.

As for customer service, just today, I messed up our website while trying to make edits, and Michael fixed it within minutes. He is the consummate professional and always willing to make your site his number one priority. I highly recommend Loveland Digital and I look forward to continuing our working relationship."

Bill Novak, Reverend - First United Methodist Church

Growing Your Business has never been this easy


SEO has the single largest impact on your business's profits. Developing a plan of action to maintain a website that increases traffic is vital for your business. Obtaining more phone calls then you have ever had before will increase your profits alone. You don't need anything else other than SEO. Obtaining proper strategies is important, this is why we stay on top of current trends to increase your SEO and search ranking for specific keywords.

Increase your websites ranking with our web design and development services along with SEO services.

Reputation Management

ReviewsReviewsReviews, they are the lifeblood of service based businesses. However, how you get more reviews and increase your overall reputation? This is where we come in with a plan to increase your number of reviews by simply asking via email or text message.

It isn't enough anymore to just ask, because it is not easy to leave a review. Have you ever tried to leave a review for a business? You have to jump through hoops, search for the business and click 10+ different areas. This is cumbersome and most people do not want to do this.

We make it easy by decreasing the number of clicks and making it a single click for people to leave a review for your business.


Online advertising is seen as a dark horse of leads. Often seen as something that does not produce any results for those utilizing AdWords or Facebook Ads among others and seeing little to no fruit for their efforts. This is where we come in testing a variety of advertising methods and copy for your business. We deliver results, plain and simple. Our Digital Marketing service works alongside you and your employees to ensure that we are providing the proper message to your potential clients or customers.

Maintaining a high Return on Investment (ROI) is our top priority.

Social Media

The king of all SEO, Ranking, Advertising and Increasing Brand Awareness. But how do you accomplish this daunting task without decreasing your business customer service, having a single person deal with it every single day?

You could do it yourself and take time out of your busy day when you could be making more money, or you could let us handle your social media for you!

We deliver social media management, posting, replying to your customers, we can even implement a facebook messenger app that replies to your customers for you so you never miss out on an opportunity.

Be the envy of every single business owner or your competition in your area by contacting us today to handle your social media needs.

Lead Generation

We take lead generation very seriously. This is our main priority for all our business clients. We want to ensure that you are provided with an increase in your business. This could be more phone calls, more website traffic or more sales.

Do not think we are like HomeAdvisor who takes your money and provides leads to multiple business owners. We stick with our clients and only utilize serve one business owner in their niche in their city at a time. So if you are a Plumber in Omaha and we work together to increase leads, you will be the only plumber in Omaha that we will work with.

Business Growth

If you have gotten this far and are still completely interested in our services, we would love to discuss a package option for you that WILL increase your business profits, overall phone calls or website traffic by 5% or more.

This is a package that includes almost every part of the process that we offer, instead of going with individual services, bundle them together into our business growth packages.

Increase phone calls, get more leads, increase web traffic through SEO. Implement systems that make your life easier as a business owner and allows you to serve your customers rather than serving your business.

Contact Us today to discuss your options that will increase your business TODAY!

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Change the way that your business obtains clients and put your competition out of business.