SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Get Found by the Right Customers all the time!

Small Business Success

Setup your small business for success by getting found by customers online when they are searching for specific keywords related to your business. You could be missing out on potential customers RIGHT NOW! 

How is it done?

Build/Update a website in the correct manner to meet the search engine priorities. Use best practices to increase your ranking and tell search engines the most important keywords for your business so that they make you a higher priority. 

High Ranking Machine

Our process guarantees that your local small business will be ranked on Page 1 of Google. If not in the top 5 on page 1. It is a process that continues forever and never stops. When you decide that you are ready to go out of business then you should stop working on SEO. Every detail is required to maintain a pages ranking high on google. 


We provide ongoing monthly support calls to see how everything is going, look at the data and update the process. We want to ensure that you understand what you are getting and that you are satisfied. Our process dictates that we provide the highest quality of support and service for our clients. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our Process

2 Year (24 Month)
5 Steps to Launch your Business into Growth Mode

Step 1: Website Optimization

Month 1
Competitive Keyword Research
Custom Responsive Web Design
Content Copyrighting
Register Sitemap for Indexing with Search Engines

Step 2: Google Maps

Months 1-6
Local Citations Created
Citations Activated/Indexed
Maps Listing Overhaul
Long-term Listing Review Plan

Step 3: Techical Website SEO

Months 2-12
Competitor Backlink research
Backlink Planning and Scheduling
Influence Domain Created
Influence Content Creation

Step 4: Evaluation & Goals

Month 10
Evaluate Search/Maps Placement
Establish Ranking Goals
Schedule New Content Creation
Adjust Review Results as needed

Step 5: Updates/Placement Anchoring

Months 12-24
Update Content Monthly
Continue Review Strategy
Backlinking Anchor Placement
2nd Round Influence Linking
After 24 months you will have great placement on search engines that will continue as long as the process continues. If you discontinue this service your SEO will drop dramatically.

Additional Features

Proven Process

** Our Process has been proven to show results within 3-6 months. Any updates that are requested from you will be discussed at length before implementation specifically the negative results that could occur from TOO many website updates. We may suggest not to make changes because it could hurt the rankings and the process.
Monthly Strategy Call
Competitor Analysis
Unlimited Website Updates *
Special Support Team
Includes Google My Business Service
Call Tracking Phone Number (Add-On)
Bundle Discounts with Additional Services
Get Started Today
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Helping small businesses have a large digital marketing team at a fraction of the cost. Benefits include strategies, insights and increased visibility without breaking your wallet. 

Get started today and we will ensure that your business is ready to go into the future. 

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