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Small Business Website Stats

You will be surprised by the money you are missing!


of Small Business Websites

Are updated less than once a year!

Customers like to see updated content and information about the businesses they like to see.


of customers visit because of a website

Are you missing out on 91% of your customers that could be coming to your store just because of your website!


of local consumers

Go to a store within 24 hours of searching online and 50% of them purchase within a day. 

That is a lot of potential profits!


of small businesses with a website

Have annual sales between $1,000,000 – 2,490,000

That would be your business or you could be the other 31%.

Web Design and Web Development

We ensure that we take the approach that will provide you with the results that you want.


We pride ourselves on developing a website that is not only fast but reliable for you and your customer. We do this by employing best practices in coding/development. We utilize a blazing fast web hosting for your business website and leverage resources to deliver content faster. It is the worst when a customer goes to one of your competitors because your website was slow to load or hard to navigate.


We develop using the best open source software in WordPress. The platform literally powers approximately 50% of the websites on the entire world wide web. This means that is works, it is fast, has a ton of functionality possibilities and allows us to deliver something that you can manipulate if you need to. You can even start blogging for your business because it is built in.

Maintenance & Security

Websites need to be maintained, updated, changed and made to be state of the art. Building it and leaving it for years, like ALL of your competitors will leave some customers wondering if you are still doing business. You need to keep your website updated at least once a year in the ever-changing world of technology and the internet.

Website Security is vital not only for you but for your customer’s information that they might put into a form or contact submission. Keeping everything secure is important, what if you are taking online payments on a non-secure website? That is a definite red flag to customers. We help by building websites with security certificates, plugins on the WordPress platform that defend your site 24/7. We have your site monitored 24/7 to ensure that it is always available to customers and it is not hacked by someone.

Think about your needs and how your business will do with a powerful website behind it.


Have you ever had a website made by someone in which only that person could make updates because it was too complicated or they used HTML code to do something?

We stay away from HTML code, but utilize drag and drop builders with easy to learn CSS to make things look good. Since we develop this way, you are free to update your site on your own, but remember we developed your website with SEO in mind to ensure best practices. Anything you change could mess with your website ranking.

Updates & Reporting

We deliver updates continuously to you through our website maintenance package to ensure that your business website is running smoothly all the time and has the most up to date security features.

Our reporting feature allows us to send you monthly reports on your website that includes SEO, page speed and what we are doing to keep your site functioning perfectly.

Get our website maintenance package today to ensure that your business website is running smoothly all the time.

COmplete Website Packages


We start with understanding and researching your business niche, competitors and how you want to stand out.


We design around those ideas and your customers in order to better define your brand and awareness. Ensuring that your business is still yours, but with the customer in mind.


We work together to build out the final product. Changes, checkpoints and approvals along the way. 


The final build is ready for deployment on ours or your web servers. We can then discuss additional opportunities for how we can help your business grow.

Website Redesign

Deluxe Full Service Website Package

One of our more popular options we completely redesign your website from the ground up with additional features, and brand awareness in mind.

  • Consultation
  • Research
  • Design 10+ Pages
  • Integrate Common Features
  • Responsive Design – Looks Great on Mobile TOO!
  • Deliver Results

Website Development

Website Design Package

Don’t have a website yet? Don’t panic we can help provide an initial website that will blow away your competition and drive customers to your business.

  • Consultation
  • Research
  • Design 10+ Pages
  • Integrate Common Features
  • Responsive Design – Looks Great on Mobile TOO!
  • Deliver Results

Add On Packages

SEO Package

SEO is not only about ranking your website on search engines. It is also about optimizing assets, leveraging caching, increasing page load speed and using the newest technologies. Everything plays a role in the process of ranking a website on search engines

Starts from $99 / Month

Website as a Service

Cash Strapped Right Now? Do not worry we have options for all business types and situations. We provide the same web development package as a service with an 18-month contract.

$250 Down and $150 / Month

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Your website needs a place to live and to be secure, safe, and consistently maintained. Keeping your website updated is a crucial and time-consuming prospect for many businesses. Let us take care of it for you. 

$50 / Month

Link Building & Citations

Ranking your website is another process that cannot go on autopilot and requires additional measure and steps to increase organic google ranking. We take the difficulty out of this and develop a strategy and process for your business website to rank. 

Starts from $80+ /Month