Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get Found by the right customers all the time!
$99 /month

The Why?!?


Setup your small business for success by getting found by customers online when they are searching for specific keywords related to your business. You could be missing out on potential customers RIGHT NOW! 


Build/Update a website in the correct manner to meet the search engine priorities. Use best practices to increase your ranking and tell search engines the most important keywords for your business so that they make you a higher priority. 

High Ranking Machine

Our process guarantees that your local small business will be ranked on Page 1 of Google. If not in the top 5 on page 1. It is a process that continues forever and never stops. When you decide that you are ready to go out of business then you should stop working on SEO. Every detail is required to maintain a pages ranking high on google. 



We provide ongoing monthly support calls to see how everything is going, look at the data and update the process. We want to ensure that you understand what you are getting and that you are satisfied. Our process dictates that we provide the highest quality of support and service for our clients. 

SEO Audit

Determining the Needs

Obtain an audit of your website in order to see what needs to be fixed in order to increase ranking.


Migrate Hosting / Start Hosting

Patented Hosting Provider

Leverage our hosting provider on the Cloud in order to increase page load speeds for your customers. This way your website loads blazing fast and is always available.

SEO Friendly

Web Programming

Many providers just make a site that looks good and feels good for their client. We don’t!?!?! You may think that this is counter-intuitive, but we understand how to rank a website and we will give you the hard truth about functionality and ranking in the long term. We do everything that we can to meet your needs as a client but will help you understand which features you need and which ones are a waste. 


Linking and Citations

Bullet Proof Foundation

We ensure that your web presence and your brick and mortar presence are equivalent. Each one is important, but that need to match and work for one another and not against. Increase the number of people coming to your store and calling you by this step alone without anything else. It is important that your business’s Name, Address, Phone Number and Website are available online all the time and accurate.


Your Business Specific

Understand your business in terms of keywords people are searching the web for…..we help audit this and understand where your business could stand to make the largest impact and more web traffic and foot traffic. We will ensure that your business will be hitting on all the right keywords.


SEO Maintenance

Maintain Ranking

SEO is not a stagnant process in which you set it and forget it. The process of ranking on search engines takes time, patience and continuous work. There are always new rules coming out about ranking websites and you need someone that is on top of those changes continually.