Reputation Management for Your Small Business

Small Business Reputation Management What Is It?

Small Business Reputation Management

You know of the brands Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Coke/Coca Cola, Pepsi and a variety of others, because of brand awareness. Along with their marketing strategies their products and their customer service. A quick search in google or another search engine you will see a ton of social media accounts, website, and a variety of information in relation to that brand. What you will also see is reviews of that company/business/brand. This is their reputation in regards to their entire company. Your small business needs a reputation management plan to increase awareness and increase the number of people contacting your business for services.

As a business owner, you may think that having a Google My Business Account with some photos and a few reviews is good enough for your business to thrive. Just check our page on Reputation Management to understand how your reputation helps your small business.

Small Business Online Reviews

Every business owner wants reviews for their small business, but what about the possibility of a negative review? Do you have a plan in place? Every business owner is able to ask for reviews from a client or customer. However, have you personally gone through the process of leaving a review for your own small business on Google or Facebook or any other social media outlet.

Obtaining new reviews is important but when we think about the entire process we need to understand how easy it is to leave a review? This process is reputation management.

Small Business Reputation Management Process

The process of leaving a review can be extremely complicated and many people just do not want to go through that process. Personally, I do not like to leave reviews because it takes too long for me to complete. I want it to be easy and self-explanatory. That is where Loveland Digital comes in to help your business.

Our state of the art platform allows you to send out review requests from your clients. This makes it easy for you to obtain reviews in one single click and send reminders to them to leave a review. Most people are not going to leave a review after the first 48 hours and it decreases exponentially after that. Being able to send review requests out quickly is extremely important.

Build a Small Business Brand

Your small business is a brand and is a living and breathing thing, this is because the business is an extension of you. As a business owner, you know about customer service and how it can either increase or crush your business. Even one bad review or unhappy customer can cripple your business and want you to get the review gone from your account. We wish we could tell you that is possible, well it is depending on circumstances etc, but it is harder to remove a review then obtain new ones.

Building your brand around reviews, excellent customer service and having a process in place to build and obtain this reputation will help your small business grow exponentially.

Small Business Customer Service

Killing customers with kindness will only take you so far in your small business. They will love you, praise you in person but not leave the review you asked for. You can ask over and over or in person say “would you be willing to leave us a review online?”. But in the long term, they do not leave a review, because you are out of sight and out of mind.

How does your customer service put you in front of your customers more often? Email campaigns (Digital Marketing – we do this TOO!) that hit them about the time they are forgetting about you, requesting a review, letting them know that you care or if they need anything else from you based on the service/product that they received.

This extended customer service will keep them thinking about your business and keep them coming back, provide a way to ask for a review they may not have left yet and make it much easier for your business to build a brand.

Respond to Small Business Reviews

Reviews need a response, yes even the negative ones. If you are not willing to extend the customer service portion of your business online you will not increase your online reputation. Responding to reviews shows potential and current customers that you are willing to work with them and that they are important. They just want to know that you are there for them and value their concerns, triumphs and opinions. Leaving reviews unanswered not only increases nerves or worry in regards to your business and practices.

Everyone wants a reputable small business doing work for them or to buy a product. Without that, they will surely not return business or not even call you altogether.

DIY Small Business Reputation Building Process

  1. Ask for reviews
  2. Kill with Kindness
  3. Hope they leave a review
  4. Hope they remember your small business
  5. Ask again and again and again
  6. Take Time out of Your day to pursue reviews.

This above process can guide you on generating reviews for your small business and building a reputation. This is your prerogative, but it will take away from your overall small business process or time you could be making more money. If you want to do it this way and obtain more reviews for your small business in the long term this process could be great for you. If you would rather work on your small business and obtain more customers and utilize our reputation management service, we will do all the hard work for you and get you working for your customers rather than doing clerical work and chasing clients down.

Loveland Digital Small Business Reputation Management Process

  1. Consultation Call – Determine Needs
  2. Platform Access
  3. Email Template Review/Development
  4. Testing of Different Templates – for return on requests
  5. Monthly Request for Client Emails – Could be Weekly
  6. Allow you to send out requests or have one of our employees do it for you.
  7. Monthly Reporting
  8. Review Monitoring
  9. Ability to respond to Reviews from Customers

Contact us today to get your small business on our Reputation Management Service and increase your business profits and your small business reputation.

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